everything that a plumber can do for you

everything that a plumber can do for you

3 Ways To Fix Your Clogged Sink On Your Own

by Christopher Taylor

Is your bathroom sink clogged? If so, this could be a nightmare to deal with, especially if you are on a tight budget and cannot afford professional help. Well, rather than worry about hiring someone, you may find that you are able to take matters into your own hands and potentially resolve your sink issues. There are many at-home methods to unclogging a bathroom sink, such as:

Pour Boil Hot Water Down The Drain:

By pouring boiling hot water down the drain, you will likely be able to soften any item that is trapped in your drain, which will help allow it to deteriorate and potentially be pushed into your sink. This is a great option, however, it can be time-consuming, as you may need to boil a few pots of water before you actually see results.

Use Baking Soda:

Baking soda is a great and effective way to clean your bathroom sink drain, as this will help break down any corrosion, grease, and gunk that may be causing your sink to be backed up. By pouring baking soda into your sink, the baking soda will have a chemical reaction, which will help break down any hair, face, or beauty products. This will allow your sink pipes to be cleaned out thoroughly, so they can provide better water flow and potentially allow for your sink to operate properly again.

Make Your Own Snake Tool:

If there is hair that is blocking your water flow or an object that shouldn't be down your sink then you may want to create your own snake tool. A great option to creating your own snake tool is to use a wired clothes hanger. Because these hangers are very flexible, they are great at-home snakes to put into your sink, as they can bend with the position of your sink plumbing in the pipes. With this option, you will be able to fish hair out of your sink, as well as push any item that is stuck into a better position so it can flow down your drain properly.  

With these options and tips, you will likely be able to repair your bathroom sink on your own, so you can avoid having to hire help or spend money on costly plumbing tools. Not only is this a great way to save money, but it will also allow you to react quickly, so you can avoid having to wait days for your sink to be working again. This will add more convenience, which is one of the biggest reasons why you should repair your clogged sink yourself.


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everything that a plumber can do for you

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