everything that a plumber can do for you

everything that a plumber can do for you

3 Possible Reasons Your Gas Hot Water Heater Is Not Heating Your Water

by Christopher Taylor

If your home has a gas hot water heater, you may have noticed that your hot water is coming out cold or lukewarm. If so, one of the following three explanations may be the reason why your gas hot water heater is not working properly:

Burner Is Rusted And Corroded

If your water heater's burner has become rusted and corroded, it will not be able to evenly or effectively heat the water in the tank. The corrosion blocks the holes in the burner, making the flame uneven.

To check the burner, open the panel to the pilot light while the heater is running so you can look at the burner. If you do not see an unbroken ring of fire around the burner, it is most likely because of corrosion. If the burner is corroded, this could also cause another issue, as discussed in the next section.

Gas Jets Refuse To Come On

When rusts and corrosion have affected the burner, the pressure and heat may start to build up within the gas pipes. When this happens, the gas jets below the burner receive false information that the burner has gotten too hot. As a result, the gas jets shut off, turning off the burner before the water has reached your desired temperature.

The uneven gas flow from the jets can also cause a buildup of carbon monoxide within the burner. If this has happened, the normally blue flame will turn a bright yellow. 

Heater's Thermostat's Sensors Are Going Bad

Another reason why your water heater may be unable to heat your water is a bad thermostat. If the sensors inside the tank have become rusted, corroded, or damaged, they will not give the thermostat an accurate reading. 

When the sensors send a false reading to the thermostat stating the water temperature is higher than it actually is, a signal is sent to turn off the gas jets prematurely. Depending on how badly the thermostat's sensors are damaged, the water may have to be completely cold for the heater to turn on again.

If you believe that one of the above problems are the reason why your water heater is not working right, you may need to have it replaced. If so, you may want to contact a plumbing service like Cove Plumbing Inc to have them inspect your hot water heater so they can diagnose the real problem and advise you on whether the heater needs to be repaired or replaced.


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