everything that a plumber can do for you

everything that a plumber can do for you

Air Conditioning Questions And Anwers Homeowners Should Know

by Christopher Taylor

Having a basic understanding concerning air conditioning systems is important for allowing you to anticipate and avoid the problems that these systems are prone to suffering. When you own your house, it is your responsibility to care for these systems, and this will be impossible to do without some pieces of basic information.

Will Air Conditioning Systems Need To Be Protected Against Storm Damage?

A strong storm can be a serious threat to many components of your home. Some homeowners will make the assumption that an air conditioning system will not be vulnerable to damage from storms. However, powerful storms can damage these systems through a couple of different ways. For example, the lighting for these storms can cause serious damage to these systems if a direct strike is sustained. Furthermore, intense rain can lead to these systems suffering flooding that could ruin the electrical components and rust any metal. Lastly, it can be possible for hail stones to bend the fins on the unit's vents, and this could greatly reduce the air intake for the system.

Do Air Conditioning Systems Always Help Purify The Air Inside Your Home?

The air quality in your home will have important impacts on your health and comfort in the house. However, there are homeowners that think a central air conditioning system will automatically work to purify the air, and this is not something that you should expect from a standard central air conditioning system. These units will have an air filter that removes much of the larger pieces of dust and dirt from the air, but these filters are not designed to remove smaller allergens. If you are wanting your air conditioner to purify the air in the house, you will need to invest in a purification attachment as this will be able to remove these much smaller pieces of particulate matter.

Can Animals Cause Damage To An Air Conditioning System?

You may assume that animals will not be able to damage the air conditioning system due to it having a metal case. Yet, small animals, such as mice, squirrels and raccoons, can cause major damage to an air conditioning system by chewing on the wires, hoses and pipes of the unit. If you are wanting a non-lethal solution for preventing these pests from targeting your system, you can use predator urine or synthetic animal repellents to discourage these pests from targeting these units. For those that are wanting to completely avoid chemical options, building a small fence or caged enclosure around the unit can reduce the ability of these animals to access the air conditioner.

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