everything that a plumber can do for you

everything that a plumber can do for you

The First 3 Things You Should Do When Water Won't Come Out Of The Shower Head

by Christopher Taylor

When a powerful stream of water rushes out of the shower head and rhythmically massages your skin, you'll forget how long you've been standing there. The simple pleasure of a soothing shower isn't lost on homeowners who have taken the time to purchase the perfect shower head and upgrade their plumbing so that the water pressure is exactly to their liking. Occasionally you'll find that your shower head starts dripping when you turn off the faucet but a good pipe wrench normally can be used to stop periodic drips. What may be more difficult to contend with is a shower that doesn't yield even a tiny droplet of water. Here are three fixes that should be performed when you have a shower head that stays dry.

1. Check to See If You Have a Dirty or Clogged Shower Head First - Water that comes out of a standard plumbing system usually contains a mixture of metals and minerals that are safe for both drinking and cleaning. After hundreds of thousands of gallons of water pass through the pipes of your plumbing system a year, there's going to be a lot of minerals that build up on the inside and outside of your shower head. Use a cleaning solution manufactured to eliminate calcium and lime to clear out your shower head then see if you can resume taking showers as normal.

2. Replace the Shower Diverter - When you run a bath, water comes through the pipes in your bathroom then down into the bathtub. Shower diverters literally divert that same water supply down through the plumbing and out of your shower head. Shower diverters are just as susceptible to mineral build up as shower heads, but you'd be smarter to replace a diverter that no longer works than cleaning it and putting it back in place. Use a screwdriver to unfasten the screws holding your shower diverter in place then pry it off of the bathtub. Put the new one in the correct position and use your screwdriver to put the screws back and your shower head may start working again.

3. Clean Out Your Shower Valve - If you haven't done any in depth bathroom repairs you should get a plumbing professional to clean or potentially replace your shower valve. All pipes need to be serviced and replaced after a period of time, so if your shower head isn't producing water because of a dirty valve then at least you know you won't have the same issue with your shower for a really long time.

When there's a problem in only one part of your bathroom you should be relieved that the main plumbing is likely in good condition. Issues isolated to just a faulty shower head are also simple for plumbing companies to diagnose and repair. Try these three fixes for a broken shower head so you don't have to settle for taking baths all the time. For more information, talk with a company like Garabedian Plumbing & Heating Inc today.


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everything that a plumber can do for you

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