everything that a plumber can do for you

everything that a plumber can do for you

New To Owning A Septic Tank? 3 Tips To Follow

by Christopher Taylor

You may be apprehensive about buying a home with a septic tank, but it is not anything to be concerned about. A septic tank requires some small changes to how you use the plumbing in your home, and if you watch what goes down the drains, you should only have to deal with a septic tank when it is time to have the unit pumped. Here are some basic rules you should follow when owning a septic tank.

Do Not Park A Car Over The Septic Tank

It is important that you learn exactly where your septic tank is buried underground as soon as you move into your home. That is because you can accidentally damage the septic tank by parking a car on top of it. Unless the ground has been reinforced to handle additional weight, the weight of a parked car could unintentionally put pressure on the tank.

It is best to park your car in a place that you know is safe and avoid the septic tank and the drain field area of your home.

Watch Out For Simultaneous Water Use

A septic tank does take some time to process water, which means you need to be mindful of how much water is being used simultaneously in your home. Your showers, dishwasher, and washing machine can all use a lot of water very fast, so it is best to not run these items all at the same time.

The risk of doing so will cause the tank to be oversaturated with water. The bacteria will not be able to break down the solid waste, and the tank will become full. Water will then back up into your home and require your immediate attention since you will not be able to run water down a drain until it is fixed.

Stop Using Antibacterial Cleansers

Since bacteria is required to break down solid waste, you should limit the antibacterial cleansers that you put down your drain. This includes soaps, as well as cleaning cleansers used to scrub your sinks, toilets, and bathtubs.

The problem that you could potentially run into is that the waste won't be able to break down as quickly. You'll end up having to pump your septic tank faster than usual, which will lead to more costly operation.

For more tips on how to care for your home's plumbing when you have a septic tank, ask your local sewer services


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everything that a plumber can do for you

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