everything that a plumber can do for you

everything that a plumber can do for you

Set Up Restrooms, A Dining Area, And A Resting Spot At An Outdoor Country Fair

by Christopher Taylor

If you are on the planning committee for a country fair that is being held at an outdoor venue this summer, ensuring that customers are provided with plenty of restrooms, and a comfortable dining and resting area will increase the odds that visitors will enjoy the festivities that are offered and will stay at the event for a long duration.

Set Up A Restroom Section

Rent several portable restrooms from a rental company. Portable restroom trailers or individual toilet units can be set on top of a level surface that is near the edge of the public venue. Prior to the fair, touch base with the rental company and set up a time to have the restroom facilities delivered. Restroom trailers and units are sanitized and inspected before being rented out.

You will likely be given a lowdown concerning the facilities, including a list of biodegradable toilet tissue varieties that should be used to prevent clogs. To provide patrons with privacy, install temporary wall panels around the units. If you would like to cater to people who have disabilities, request rental trailers and units that are handicap accessible. 

Obtain Food Vendors And Prepare A Dining Area

Local restaurant and bakery owners may be interested in selling their wares at the fair. Contact the owners of several businesses to request their services and to discuss how much money they will make and the amount that will be collected by the fair committee.

Small wooden booths or lightweight tables can be set up on one part of the outdoor venue's property. Ask the vendors to bring along any equipment that will be needed to make food and beverage products. Use patio furnishings to create a small dining area that is adjacent to the food booths and tables. 

Use A Canopy Or Screen Tent To Create A Resting Area

If there will be live entertainment during the fair, including a pet show, livestock contest, or musical acts, ample seating should be available. If the venue is located in an area that does not receive much shade, a canopy or screen tent can be erected so that people will be able to cool off and escape the sun's harmful rays.

Some lounge chairs or blankets can be set up underneath the canopy or tent so that people can get off of their feet and lay back while they are watching each live performance. For more information on portable bathrooms for events, contact your local equipment supplier. 


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everything that a plumber can do for you

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